Need to get back..


Its been a while I did regular posts. Its high time I come back.. there are so many things to share and express- both professionally and otherwise..

Looking forward to come back out of this writer’s block soon..


Software Engineering Radio


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Learning about software intensive systems development has its own challenges. What does one learn? leave what ? what’s the authentic source? The sheer number of dimensions that are there to software development (especially enterprise software development) is reason enough for a struggle in learning!

Personally I am big big fan of reading. I can’t just get it with blogs and articles and need a book together with some hands-on stuff to get something in my head!

That aside, one channel which I have found to be immensely valuable is the Software Engineering Radio. The podcast mode is a great way to catch-up (or catch-back) with the topics that matter in software engineering. Most of these podcasts are by pretty well known and proven leaders in software systems development and that makes even more worthwhile to listen what the masters say.

Almost (literally) all are worth the time to listen, listing here some of the recent ones I liked :

Highly recommended to anyone who loves learning !